Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore

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Has water been seeping into your basement? Water damage is really a concern, causing health problems. You could be in for a host of problems, from soaked drywall to mildew growth. Professional waterproofing is the best solution to a damp basement. If you’re looking to waterproof your basement near Baltimore, you’re in luck: Storm Waterproofing has more than two decades of experience providing

the Baltimore Metro area with basement waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulation, basement sump pump, water damage restoration and other important services.

The Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

It may not occur to most homeowners to ever have their basements waterproofed, particularly if they have never

experienced an indoor plumbing disaster or flooded basement. However, there are numerous reasons why it’s smart to have your basement waterproofed by a qualified professional. Some of the advantages of waterproofing are:

Maintaining the value of your home. Water damage in your basement can significantly harm the value of your home, which will make it more difficult to sell. Taking the time to waterproof your basement will not only protect it from damage, but will also protect your long-term investment in your home.

Protecting your home and your belongings. Water damage is important concern for your home, including serious structural damage. Waterproofing will prevent moisture and dampness from corroding the foundation of your house, and it will also help to keep furniture, carpeting, electronics, and your other belongings safe from water damage.

Preventing mold and mildew growth. When water is allowed to drip and collect anywhere in your home, the potential for mold is present. Waterproofing can help

ensure that you don’t have flooded basement and doesn’t become a breeding ground for contaminants that can make you and your family sick.

Making your basement more livable. Many homeowners avoid using their basement for anything besides storage, thinking of the room as damp, cold, and inhospitable. But it doesn’t have to be any of those things; when you waterproof your basement, you can begin treating it like any other room, thus expanding the amount of available space in your home.

About Storm Waterproofing

If you’re concerned about your wet basement, it’s time to contact the waterproofing experts at Storm Waterproofing. We are a third-generation company providing the community with emergency waterproofing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can evaluate your problem and provide you with advice about your best waterproofing options. If you want to make sure that your Baltimore home stays dry and secure, contact us today for a free home estimate.

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