Understanding Waterproofing Terminology

Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore

When it comes to basement waterproofing, there is a lot to know. That is why we want to make things a little less confusing for you by providing some terminology and definitions. At Storm Waterproofing, we provide the information you need so you are informed throughout the process.

The common terms used in reference to basement waterproofing include:

  • Water Table: Level below the point when the ground is saturated with water.
  • Drywell: A hole in the ground filled with gravel to catch drained water.
  • Black mold: A type of mold can be toxic if inhaled.
  • Water seepage: Water that has oozed through a porous material such as soil.
  • Excavate: To dig and remove dirt, such as earth.

There are many more terms that could be defined. If you ever have any questions, we encourage you to ask us. You can either inquire when we are onsite at your home or business, or you can call us directly at (443) 618-8147.

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