Understanding Household Foundation Problems

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Many homes in the Baltimore area have foundation problems. These problems can be very serious and may pose a threat to the overall structure of your home. Construction errors and poor water drainage are the two most common causes for foundation issues, but a wide number of factors can also be to blame. In the following article, we will look at the reasons foundations fail, the signs of foundation failure, and how to repair your foundation to prevent further problems and to protect your property.

Types of Foundations Foundation Repairs in Baltimore
There two primary types of foundations. Home in warm, dry climates frequently have a slab on grade foundation, which is simply a layer of concrete poured down over smoothed soil. Pier and grade beam foundations are also popular. These foundations feature a perimeter concrete support beam and interior support piers.

Causes of Foundation Problems
Soil expansion and contraction is behind almost every foundation problem, but the causes of soil movement can vary. Extremely dry weather, overwatering, and poor construction techniques are three of the leading causes of soil expansion and contraction.

Signs of Foundation Failure
Cracks in the drywall that look jagged or run off at a 45-degree angle are usually indicative of a foundation problem . Door and windows that stick are also an indication that the house has shifted. You can also look for cracks in the floor if you have a slab-on-grade foundation. You should also check for cracks above doors and windows outside of your home, and for horizontal cracks across the foundation.

Foundation Repair
Uneven floors, cracked walls, and sticking doors are all signs that your foundation needs to be repaired. A foundation repair company in Baltimore can evaluate your foundation, find out what the specific causes are, and recommend the right solution to protect your foundation in the future. You may also need to waterproof your basement while you are at it to further protect your home’s foundation.