• Reducing the Risk of Moisture Damage in Your Basement

    Replacing flooring after water damage in Baltimore Although every house is different, it’s virtually guaranteed that homes in Baltimore will experience problems with moisture in the basement . The good news is that steps can be taken to block water and moisture and reduce the risk of experiencing moisture-related basement damage, including mold growth and weakened structural supports. Depending on the location of your home and the waterproofing measures already in place, prevention can range in size and scope from rerouting a drain spout to excavating and waterproofing the exterior of your foundation. In addition to working with a basement waterproofing company in Baltimore to prevent basement flooding, here are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of moisture damage.

    Add Insulation

    An easy and affordable first step towards reducing the risk of moisture damage is adding insulation in your basement. When combined with a dehumidifier, basement insulation can prevent condensation and lower the amount of humidity in the basement.

    Keep Gutters Clean

    If you’re looking for an even more affordable way to prevent water damage in your basement, simply keep your gutters clean. Gutters that are clogged with leaves and other debris can cause rainwater to overflow and pool around your home’s foundation, which greatly increase the risk of seepage and ultimately water damage.

    Correct Your Landscaping

    It’s important that the ground around your home is sloped away from the foundation wall, otherwise rain water and irrigation will flow towards your home and pool around the foundation. Correcting your landscaping may require hard work and some big equipment rentals, but it’s worth the time and effort to reduce your risk of basement water damage.

    Further Measures

    When you’ve done all that you can to prevent basement flooding, bring in a professional to learn about additional basement waterproofing measures you can take to reduce your risk of basement water damage. Depending on several different factors, you may consider such options as interior or exterior waterproof coatings or the installation of a French drain system.

  • Why Basement Waterproofing is a Smart Investment

    Nearly all below-grade basements are prone to water leakage. Although minor leaks and humidity problems aren’t a major concern, basements that are in danger of flooding can experience severe damage that is typically very expensive to repair. That’s why basement waterproofing is a smart investment for home’s that are in danger of experiencing basement flooding, since the waterproofing measures themselves are much less expensive than the total number of water damage repairs that may be required over the life of the basement. Watch this short video to learn more about basement waterproofing.

    You can discuss the benefits of basement waterproofing and the costs associated with different waterproofing solutions by contacting a water damage repair company in Baltimore that specializes in such waterproofing measures. The sooner you hire basement contractors to waterproof your basement, the less likely you will be to experience costly water damage resulting from leaks, flooding, and other moisture-related problems.

  • Choosing a Basement Waterproofing Solution

    waterproofing company in baltimore Weeping walls, crumbling concrete blocks, water stains, and the unmistakable odor of mold are just a few of the signs that your basement has a moisture issue. Fortunately, a basement waterproofing company in Baltimore can quickly seal up your basement to prevent more serious water-related damage in the future. As you begin to research basement waterproofing in Maryland, you’ll quickly find out that there are many different solutions to choose from. The right solution will ultimately depend on a number of different factors, including your budget and the condition of your basement. Your waterproofing contractor can help you choose which solution is the best fit. In the meantime, read this short post to learn more about the different waterproofing solutions you can choose from.

    Interior Sealants

    One of the most common entry points for water is through cracks in the concrete foundation. Depending on the size and location of these cracks, it may be possible to seal them from the inside using specially formulated sealants or epoxy injections. Although sealants and injections are good at preventing leaks and humidity, they are not suitable if there is strong water pressure pushing against the foundation.

    Exterior Waterproofing

    In some cases, it may be necessary to excavate around your home and apply a waterproof coating along the foundation. This coating acts as a waterproof barrier that prevents water from seeping through into the basement. Although exterior waterproofing is a more expensive solution than interior sealants and injections, it is leaps and bounds more effective at stopping water from entering the basement through the foundation.

    Interior and Exterior Drainage

    A proper drainage system is the best line of defense against water in the basement. If you don’t already have a sump pump system installed in your basement, contact a basement waterproofing company in Baltimore that specializes in these waterproofing systems. And if you do have a sump pump, make sure it’s kept in good working condition to prevent basement flooding .