• How a Wet Basement Can Affect Your Family

    If your basement always seems to be damp, it can make it difficult for your family to enjoy the space. You should hire a company to do basement waterproofing for you. Storm Waterproofing LLC can prevent you from having to deal with a flooded basement in Baltimore and allow you to start enjoying your basement space.

    When your basement is damp, it will often smell like mold and mildew. It will also make it just about impossible for you to store anything of value in it. You won’t be able to spend time as a family in a basement that’s wet, and you will likely have higher energy bills due to the lack of basement waterproofing. Water and air will both be able to seep into and out of the space as they please. To start making the most of your basement, you should waterproof it and do basement finishing. When you decide that you are ready to take those steps, Storm Waterproofing LLC will help you get rid of the water in your basement once and for all.

    Basement waterproofing in Baltimore

  • Making the Most of Your Basement Space

    Do you have an unfinished basement that you’re not using at the moment? You are wasting a huge opportunity. You should invest in basement waterproofing today, finish your basement off, and start using it. You could add a living room to it, convert it into a suite for a relative, or have a play area for the kids. It will allow you to make your home larger and increase its value. Start by working with a company that can do basement waterproofing serving Baltimore, and then try making one of these improvements to make the most of your basement space.

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    Build a Living Room That Your Whole Family Can Use

    If you and your family love to spend time watching TV and movies together, then you should turn your basement into a large living area where you can spread out and watch whatever you want. You can install a flat screen TV, a surround-sound speaker system, and comfortable couches that will allow you to relax. You will enjoy spending time in your new living space, and as long as you have basement waterproofing done, you won’t need to worry about water damaging anything that you put in your finished basement.

    Create a Large Playroom for Your Kids

    Is your home filled with toys? Are you tired of spending your days picking them up and putting them away? Then you should consider putting a playroom in your basement where your kids will be able to play with whatever they want without creating a huge mess in your home. By containing the toys to a room in your home that your guests won’t see, the kids will have a space where they can play and you can cut down on time it takes to clean before company comes over.

    Add a Bedroom and Bathroom

    Whether you want to create a new bedroom for one of your older kids or you are looking to create space for an elderly member of your family, you can do it with basement space . Basement finishing will make it easy to increase the livable space in your home in a matter of weeks.

  • What are the Differences Between Mold and Mildew?

    Mold and mildew are often mentioned in the same breath, and they actually have quite a few similarities. They both grow in moist areas, and they both strike fear in the hearts of homeowners who use techniques like mold remediation to get rid of them. But they also have many differences. Storm Waterproofing LLC can identify them for you and help you decide whether or not you need to have home mold remediation in Baltimore .

    One of the biggest differences between mildew and mold is their appearances. Mildew is a surface fungi that is typically either gray or white, and it can be removed from your home by scrubbing it with a brush and a household cleaner. Mold, meanwhile, is usually black or green and, when it appears in your home, it will likely not be contained to one place. Mold can spread quickly, so mold remediation must be used to take care of it. Mold cleaning is a delicate process that must be done properly to eliminate mold once and for all. When you call on Storm Waterproofing LLC for assistance with a mold or mildew problem, we will work to get rid of it for you right away.

    Difference between mold and mildew

  • Signs That Your Home’s Foundation Needs Repair

    The foundation of your home is obviously very important to it. Without a strong foundation, your home will deteriorate over the years and, eventually, you will see signs that will show you that it’s time to have foundation repair done. One way to avoid the need for foundation repair is to have basement waterproofing done. Basement waterproofing serving Baltimore will help protect your foundation and keep it strong. If you choose not to have it done, here are some of the things that you make start to see as a result of your weakening foundation.

    Home foundation repair

    Uneven Floors

    Have you noticed that the floors in your home suddenly feel like they are sloped? This is one of the ways you will be able to tell that you need to have foundation repair. When your home shifts due to your failing foundation, the floors will become uneven in different parts of your home. Your floors should be level at all times, and if they’re not, then you know that you have a serious problem. You should have an engineer come to your home to take a closer look at your situation.

    Cracks in Walls

    Cracks in your walls can be caused by things other than just your foundation, but if you notice several cracks in your walls throughout your home, chances are you have a problem with your foundation. These cracks will form over time as your foundation fails and, while you can cover them up temporarily by painting over them, they will return before long. Have your home’s walls examined right away if you find that there are cracks in them that are getting worse.

    Doors and Windows That Don’t Open and Shut Easily

    When your home needs foundation repair, you will usually find that the simple task of opening and closing a window or door is difficult. Foundation issues will affect the alignment of doors and windows and make it almost impossible to use them normally. Basement waterproofing and foundation repair will help to prevent damage to your home that comes along with foundation issues.