How Water Can Damage Your Household Foundation

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While your home foundation may seem like it is incredibly strong and durable, your foundation is actually susceptible to the damaging effects of water. During heavy rainfall, water can seep and flood into the areas around your foundation, causing major damage. To prevent the need for major foundation repair service , you may want to consider basement waterproofing. If your foundation has already been damaged by water, it may be time to contact a company that provides foundation repair in Baltimore. With quality foundation repairs, you can preserve the quality and safety of your home. Let’s take a quick look at how water can damage your household foundation.

Household Foundation Water Damage

Saturated Soil

When soil is exposed to heavy amounts of water, it begins to expand. The foundation of your home is surrounded entirely by absorbent soil. As the soil begins to saturate and expand from water, it will put large amounts of pressure on your home foundation. Over time, this pressure can result in cracks, damage, and breaking.

Shifting Masonry

Water can also damage your foundation by shifting the masonry of your home. When your foundation is installed by your contractor, it is poured directly into the earth. The cement components of your foundation may begin to shift and crack when they are exposed to water and expanded soil over an extended period of time. You may notice that your foundation has shifted or rotated out of place.

Dropped Foundation

If your home is in need of extensive foundation repairs, you may notice that your home has dropped or shifted out of position. With extreme water damage, your foundation may settle into cavities that have been created by water deep underneath the earth. When your foundation drops, this issue can also cause damage to the structural integrity of your entire home. At the first sign of foundation problems, be sure to set up a foundation repair appointment right away.