The Home Buyer’s Guide to Foundation Problems

Many homes in the Baltimore area suffer from problems with their foundations. In most cases, foundation issues are caused by construction errors, poor water drainage, or both. When buying a new home, look for indications of stress and soil movement. If the current homeowner indicates that foundation repairs were made in the past, ask for copies of the scope of work, engineer’s report, and warranty. If the company that provided the foundation repairs is no longer in business, know that you will be on the hook for any repairs should you buy the house and need foundation repair in the future.

Watch this video for more information on home foundation problems and what to do when buying a home that has undergone foundation repairs in the past. In Baltimore, look for a company that provides basement waterproofing in addition to foundation repairs so you can bolster your home’s foundation while also preventing mold, mildew, and structural problems relating to moisture and basement leaks.