Reasons Your Crawlspace Has Moisture Issues

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crawlspace waterproofing Baltimore You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your home’s crawlspace. However, the crawlspace is actually one of the most important parts of your home. That’s because crawlspaces often houses main support beams, utility lines, and other important elements which can become damaged due to excessive moisture. Cracks in the foundation, soggy insulation, evidence of wood rot, and musty odors are all signs that you should hire a crawlspace waterproofing company in Baltimore to prevent serious moisture-related problems. There are many reasons why your home’s crawlspace has moisture issues, including:

Leaky Pipes

Your crawlspace likely has a lot of water pipes running through it. If these pipes start leaking, they can create a serious moisture problem. Standing water in a crawlspace can lead to a number of problems, including mold and mildew growth. After your plumber identifies and repairs any leaky pipes, contact a mold remediation company in Baltimore if you find evidence of mold or mildew growing in your crawlspace.

Water Seepage

Another cause of standing water and resulting moisture problems is water seepage. After a period of sustained rainfall, the water table around your home could rise to the level of your crawlspace. If your crawlspace isn’t properly waterproofed, significant amounts of water can seep into the space and damage wood support beams, plumbing, and electrical wires.

Outdoor Air

Believe it or not, but the air itself may also be contributing to moisture problems in your crawlspace. As outdoor air enters the crawlspace, it cools down and increases the relative humidity. For example, if air enters the crawlspace at 90º and cools down to 75º, the relative humidity can jump from 60% to 95%. Basement and crawlspace waterproofing can protect your crawlspace from problems due to humidity issues.