Identifying a Water Leak in Your Crawlspace or Basement

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How to identify a water leak A hidden water leak can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home. If your crawlspace or basement is leaking, you may not notice the problem until serious damage has occurred. By scheduling basement waterproofing serving Baltimore, you can prevent the risk of water leaks in your home. A company offering basement and crawlspace waterproofing can assist you with crawlspace encapsulation and black mold removal . By scheduling these services, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is fully protected from water damage. Read on to learn more about identifying the signs of a water leak in your crawlspace or basement.

Musty Smell

When your crawlspace or basement is experiencing a leak , you may notice a moldy or musty smell when you enter these areas. Leaking water can create unpleasant aromas in indoor spaces. In addition, water damage can also develop into a mold problem. If you find that your basement or crawlspace has an unusual smell, it may be time to schedule waterproofing services.

Mold Growth

Black mold requires damp conditions in order to grow and thrive. If your basement or crawlspace has a water leak, you may find black mold in these spaces. When you find black mold in your basement, it is highly important to schedule both mold removal and waterproofing services. By clearing up your mold, you can protect yourself and your family members from the risks of black mold exposure.

Damaged Walls or Flooring

To identify a water leak in your crawlspace or basement, you can also look for signs of damage on your walls or flooring. When your basement has a hidden water leak, you may notice stains or cracks on your basement walls. In addition, you may notice that your flooring is buckled or discolored. A basement waterproofing company can identify the source of the damage and restore your home to peak condition.