Spotlight on Waterproofing Services

Home insulation, attic insulation & crawl space encapsulation

waterproofing basements near baltimore If your Baltimore basement has not been waterproofed, you should certainly expect to face expensive repairs at some point in the future. When mildew grows in your basement and the wood or drywall begins to rot, you may need to schedule mold remediation treatments or even foundation repairs.

The most cost-effective solution is to prevent these problems before they occur by waterproofing your basement. Professional services such as those we offer at Storm Waterproofing LLC can help keep water out of your basement, prevent water that does get in from doing extensive damage, and make sure that the basement drains instead of flooding during the most intense rains.

We offer complete external waterproofing, including trench digging and French drain installation, sump pump installation, crawl space encapsulation, and internal basement waterproofing. This range of important services helps prevent foundation damage and avoid the conditions that lead to wood rot and mold and mildew growth in your basement.