Crawl Space Concerns for Homeowners

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Does your home have a crawl space in it? If so, you probably don’t venture inside of it very often. Crawl spaces shouldn’t be used for storage, and it’s usually difficult to maneuver in them, so most homeowners don’t spend much time in their crawl spaces. However, there are some concerns that come along with having a crawl space in your home, and it might be worth having crawlspace waterproofing done to alleviate them. Find out why you might want to consider crawlspace waterproofing in Baltimore by reading about some of those concerns below.

Crawl space waterproofing

Preventing Water Damage

If it rains very hard one day or, worse, for a series of days, you will likely notice that moisture will work its way up into your crawlspace through the ground underneath of your home. This moisture will often get stuck in your crawlspace and not be able to get out until the ground beneath your home dries. This can lead to your whole home smelling musty as a result of the moisture. It can also lead to water damage in your home’s structure and make you wish you had done crawlspace waterproofing.

Keeping Pests Out

The crawl space in your home is the perfect place for pests to congregate. From rodents like mice and rats to insects like cockroaches, spiders, and termites, there are all kinds of pests that will look to your crawl space for protection from the elements. By monitoring your crawl space frequently and having pest control done on your home, you can stop pests from gathering in your crawl space.

Avoiding Mold Growth

Mold needs moisture to survive, and if you have not had crawlspace waterproofing done, there will likely be enough moisture inside your crawl space for mold to spread. If you ever find that this is the case, you will need to have mold cleaning done immediately. More importantly, you will also need to have your crawl space waterproofed to prevent mold from coming back in the future. The health risks associated with mold are dangerous, so don’t take any chances with it.