Reasons to Invest in a Sump Pump for Your Basement

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Sump pumps in Baltimore can help to ensure that your basement stays dry after a heavy rainstorm. They’re particularly useful if you live in an area that is prone to floods or if you’ve had flooding issues in your basement before. By removing unwanted water from your basement, these pumps can help to protect your home from a whole host of problems such as water damage, and mold and mildew infestations. Here are some more reasons to invest in a sump pump for your basement. When you’re ready to purchase one, enlist the help of a trained professional. New sump pump installation

Reason 1: You Live in Area Where Flooding Is Common

Whether or not you need a sump pump in your basement is mostly contingent on where you live and where your house is situated. If you’re lucky and you’ve never had to deal with a flooded basement, you’re probably fine without a sump pump. However, if you have moisture issues in your basement or if there has ever been standing water in the space, you should invest in a sump pump. If you’re on a budget, be sure to try other waterproofing methods, such as using a dehumidifier, before resorting to buying a sump pump.

Reason 2: Sump Pumps Effectively Remove Water From Basements

If your basement is overly wet, have a sump pump installed. This small pump is usually placed in the lowest part of your home, which can your basement or a crawlspace. It keeps the area under your home dry by pumping out any water—moisture in the soil surrounding your home’s foundation, for instance—that drains into its sump pit. Before you have a sump pump installed, be sure to have your waterproofing professional repair any cracks or damage in your home’s foundation.

Reason 3: Peace of Mind

Even if you haven’t experienced flooding yet, you may still want to consider investing in a sump pump if your basement tends to be on the wet side, smells musty, or has signs of mold growth. If water intrusion is an annual issue, you should invest in several pumps, as well as a backup pump that’s water-powered, in case you experience a power outage that renders your main pump inoperable.