Reasons to Waterproof Your Crawlspace

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You may not spend too much time thinking about crawlspace waterproofing in Baltimore . However, although it is quite discreet, your home’s crawlspace is a vital area that contains its main support beams, utility lines, and water pipes. Keeping this space clean and contained through crawlspace waterproofing, also known as crawlspace encapsulation, can prevent moisture-related problems from spreading throughout the rest of your home. Read on to learn some of the main reasons for waterproofing your crawlspace.

waterproof crawlspace

Keep Excess Moisture Out

Your crawlspace may house older water pipes that could be prone to leakage. Leaky pipes in a vulnerable crawlspace can often turn into a raging moisture problem. Likewise, water seepage can pose a problem for crawlspaces that have not been encapsulated. Water seepage arises from excess rainfall, which can in turn cause the water table in your area to rise. If the water table meets the level of your crawlspace, this excess water can cause harmful damage to your crawlspace that has resounding impacts throughout your home.

Keep Pests Out

Crawlspaces that are left unsealed are prime real estate for unwanted pests. Snakes, rodents, termites, and even larger animals such as raccoons can easily find their way into your crawlspace and wreak havoc on your home’s most vital parts. If your crawlspace is experiencing excess moisture, it is even more likely to attract pests such as termites, who flock to water-saturated wood. Prevent these problems through professional crawlspace waterproofing or encapsulation.

Keep Mold Out

Like many pests, mold also thrives in dark, moist areas. A crawlspace with excess moisture is one such environment. One of the worst things about mold is that once it starts to spread, it can easily contaminate your floor, insulation, and interior walls. Mold spores that have originated in your crawl space and spread throughout your home can also create health problems for certain individuals. Keep mold out and prevent multiplying problems by hiring a professional to waterproof your all-important crawlspace. If you already have mold in your crawlspace, a professional can also perform a mold cleaning service.