What Type of Mold Is in Your Home?

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If you ever have water in your basement or any other part of your home for any reason, there’s a good chance that you will be forced to deal with mold. Mold only needs a small amount of moisture to grow, and once it starts to spread, you will need to have mold remediation done to get rid of it. Mold removal near Baltimore is important because mold can cause a series of health concerns. Check out several types of mold that can grow in your home and learn about why you should have mold cleaning completed as soon as you detect it.

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This is one of the most common types of mold, and even if you clean your house every single day and have never encountered any issues with mold, you probably have aspergillus mold spores inside of your home. You likely breathe them in all the time without any issues. However, aspergillus is commonly found on foods and inside of air conditioning systems, and if you suffer from allergies, it could cause allergic reactions in some people. If you have too much of it in your home, you will likely notice the side effects of it.


Much like aspergillus mold, cladosporium mold is not toxic to people, but it can cause you to suffer from allergic reactions if you breathe in the spores from it. When it grows on surfaces, it is usually black or green, and it has been known to grow on the back of toilets, in air ducts, and even on some painted surfaces. If you see it growing, it could eventually become problematic, so you should have it removed right away.

Stachybotrys Atra

This type of toxic mold is known by another name: black mold. Black mold is the most dangerous type of mold, and if you ever see it growing in your home, you will need to have mold remediation done immediately. Black mold can affect your health and, in some cases, breathing in too much black mold can result in death. You should make black mold removal a priority.