Rain and Flooded Basements

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Heavy rains can bring massive destruction when they hit, especially for homeowners who have unprotected basements. The basement is very susceptible to flooding during heavy rainstorms as the soil around the home becomes saturated and water seeps through cracks in the walls and floor. Flooded basements can be very time consuming to clean up, and depending on the types of belongings stored in the basement, flooding can cause untold amounts of damage. Watch this news report to witness one family’s struggle with basement flooding.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about a flooded basement every time it rained? Well, you don’t have to. Contact a basement waterproofing company in Baltimore to find out what can be done to keep your basement from flooding. The same waterproofing measures that can prevent flooding due to rain storms can also prevent basement water damage due to foundation leaks, another common cause of basement water damage.