What You Need to Know About Waterproofing Your Crawlspace

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Although basement waterproofing gets most of the attention in America, crawlspace waterproofing can be just as important. In fact, there’s not much difference between basements and crawlspaces except in terms of usable space. Besides that, moisture problems can have the same result in crawlspaces as they do in basements, namely mold and rot. And if there is enough water in the crawlspace and rot gets to the floor joists, your entire home could come crashing down. There are lots of companies in Baltimore that offer crawlspace waterproofing , but you probably have questions you want answered before you call. Here are some important things to know before you do.

Waterproofing your crawlspace

Do You Need to Waterproof Your Crawlspace?

Of course you don’t have to waterproof your crawlspace, but there are lots of reasons you should . As mentioned above, moisture problems inside your crawlspace can lead to mold, which can negatively affect your family’s health and lower your home’s indoor air quality. Crawlspace water damage can also impact your home’s structural integrity, which means neglecting to waterproof your crawlspace can put your home and your family’s safety in jeopardy.

What’s the Difference Between Waterproofing and Encapsulation?

“Crawlspace waterproofing” and “crawlspace encapsulation” are two terms used to describe the same thing: Making sure that water doesn’t damage the inside of your crawlspace and cause health and safety problems for your family. Some companies advertise waterproofing, others call it encapsulation, but either way you can count on your crawlspace being nice and dry after the service is done.

How Much Does Crawlspace Waterproofing Cost?

One of the most important questions on anyone’s mind when considering crawlspace waterproofing is how much it costs. However, it’s hard to provide you with an accurate estimate here without knowing the specifics of your crawlspace, such as its size and whether it has already suffered water damage. These and other factors can affect the cost, so get in touch with a crawlspace waterproofing company in Baltimore to receive an accurate quote.