How Leaky Pipes Affect Your Crawl Space

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Homes that have not been treated with crawl space waterproofing in Baltimore are vulnerable to problems associated with water accumulation. Because of their location and lack of accessibility, a pipe leak that’s depositing water into your basement can easily go unnoticed. When left unchecked, leaky pipes can result in a series of issues for your crawl space.

Moisture attracts pests and, sensing a source of water, a crawl space suffering from a plumbing leak is likely to draw everything from termites and ants to raccoons and snakes. Also, the moisture can damage the wood, insulation, and other materials of the structure, causing them to require repair or replacement. Water accumulation can also result in a foul odor that can make its way into your home, as well as the growth of mold.

If you find that your crawl space has standing water or is very humid, it’s important to check your plumbing for leaks that may be the source of the issue. To avoid future problems, consider crawl space waterproofing services for your home to provide a crawl space vapor barrier and help prevent the need for mold remediation.

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